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The Time of Dragonfly

After the album “Beautiful love terrible heart”, Alyson B writes and reorients her music towards a more mystical and magical universe, bringing a more sensitive, feminine and captivating dimension.
The new pieces give pride of place to a return to machines supported by guitars with languid reverb and tremolo effects. The presence of strings and brass contributes to bring the mystical dimension and script the atmosphere of a cinematic reverie. The voice, so recognizable by Alyson B, has subsided, always supported by air choruses, to bring more sweetness and magic to his new ballads.


01. Brunhild
02. How Many Roses Bloom In My Garden
03. The Lady With The Cat
04. You Are So Beautiful
05. We Will Dance Under The Sun
06. The Candle Is Dancing
07. Lost Anna On Earth
08. I Need You
09. Rise Up My Beloved
10. The Jasmine Again
11. The Time Of Dragonfly

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Beautiful Love Terrible Heart

Directed by Alyson B, mixed in Paris by Richard Turek and mastered by Jean-Pierre Chalbos at the studio La source Mastering, the album includes 11 tracks.


For six months
Since then I’m all alone
Your ghost
The sin of the river
The rain in your arms
I don’t come through today
Sweet honey
When you come
Pretty lies pretty words
Black sun

Since then I’m All Alone / For Six Months

Single 2 tracks from “Beautiful Love Terrible Heart” album”