Audio Production

Air’n’Fire brings together a team dedicated to audio recording: Musicians, sound engineers, recording studios, mastering studios. The Air’n’Fire label is naturally oriented through the experience of his team to Pop, Pop-Electro, Rock, Post-Punk, Psyche and Shoegaze productions. Without being closed to other musical styles, we prefer an approach that is compatible with our experience.

Video Production

Air’n’Fire produces video clips of its artists, teasers, video banners, concert recordings and commercials. Our professional teams will guide you throughout the process: writing, storyboarding, filming, post-production and synchronization, special effects.


Air’n’Fire is a publishing company member of SACEM and manages the rights in its editorial catalog.


Air’n’Fire accompanies art direction in choosing the best music for the production of commercials, movies, TV series and video games. The tracks can come from the Air’n’Fire repertoire or be made for an original composition.

Co-Branding & Sponsoring

Air’n’Fire suggests the brands to associate their image or their products in the marketing plans of Air’n’Fire with the projects of its artists.

Our marketing team will accompany you in the definition of the strategies and the realization of marketing measures according to your needs.

Marketing & Promotion

Promotion et partenariat media

Radio, TV, Press, web

Events, showcases, gigs et tours

Design & Websites


Creation and maintenance artists’s websites


Air’n’Fire assures through its “webstore” the digital and physical distribution of the albums which it produces. We can also distribute the productions of the other labels and the artists not appearing in our editorial catalog.
By-products and merchandising are also available on the sale on the store.