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The Time of Dragonfly

After “Beautiful love Terrible heart”, Alyson B’s music has been focusing on a more mystical and magical universe, leading to a more sensitive, feminine and entrancing dimension. The new titles play great emphasis on the comeback to machines supported by guitars with reverbs and languorous vibrato. Strings and brass instruments help to carry along the mystical dimension and give the ambiance the form of a cinematic reverie. Alyson B’s voice, so easily identifiable, has calmed down, still supported by airy choirs, to add more mellowness and magic to her new ballades.

Tracklist :

  • Brünhild
  • How Many Roses Bloom in My Garden
  • The Lady With The Cat
  • You Are So Beautiful
  • We Will Dance Under The Sun
  • The Candle Is Dancing
  • Lost Anna On Earth
  • I Need You
  • Rise Up My Beloved
  • The Jasmine Again
  • The Time Of Dragonfly