Alyson B : Video shootings in preparation.

Alyson B’s new album, “The Time of Dragonfly”, will be supported visually by new video clips, currently in preparation for filming.

Alyson B : New album pre-order teasers

The new Alyson B album, “The Time of Dragonfly”, now in pre-order, is accompanied by 4 teasers.

Discover them and dive into the world of new songs from the album.

The Time Of Dragonfly

Here is the track, which closes the new album of Alyson B and gives it also its title. This post-rock instrumental flirts with the skies, just like the dragonfly, and varies the atmospheric moods with hovering and heady Moogs thanks to the guitar riff, which suggests alone a story. It is also a reflection of this more sensual and magical new album, where cinematic atmospheres play its full role. We immediately dive into a world of spring and bright colors wished by the artist.

How Many Roses Bloom In My Garden

This is the first song written by Alyson B and was therefore the beginning of this new album, with a desire to leave more room for voice.
This post-rock ballad with clean machines is haunting and sensual. Let yourself be drawn with this sweet and nostalgic melody into a poetic reverie, where roses are blooming in a lost garden.

The Lady With The Cat

New ballad of the next album where the singular beatbox carries the keyboards and cello that respond to the folk guitar, just like the deep voice to the airy choirs of the chorus; for a touching song about the poetry of the simple things of life, the story of a woman with whom you rub shoulders without knowing her in your neighborhood.

You Are So Beautiful

A hymn to universal Beauty, to wonders, to everyday surprises for a heady melody that brings together everything from Alyson B’s universe, her recognizable voice expressing itself from the gravest to the most high-pitched, the clear or distorted sound with reverb of her Jaguar Fender, and the machines adding a subtle touch of electro pop.